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Advance classes and After school program


Creative Kid Summer Program

This summer program was created for kids and teenagers that are aspiring artists or want to get into art using different mediums. The program will teach students the skills necessary to excel in being an artist. It will also give students an opportunity to bring out their creativity and express themselves.

  • Classes start in May! Limited seats available.
  • Multiple classes throughout the week (see calendar).
  • 12 class package deal.
  • Classes through out the summer.
  • Ages 6+

6 Yrs – 10 Yrs

Mon, Wed

4PM – 5PM


1PM – 3PM

11Yrs – 14 Yrs

Mon, Wed

5PM – 6PM


1PM – 3PM

15Yrs – 18Yrs

Tues, Thur

6PM – 7PM


1PM – 3PM

Creative Kid Summer Program


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Creative kid every Saturday!

1 pm til 3 pm


Artwork Gallery

Interest in Advanced Art Classes (ages 10+)

Classes Start in May

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