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Advance Kids Painting Classes and After School Program

It's being great to host kids painting classes in our paint and sip studio in New Jersey. Our objective is to create a funny and cheerful environment for kids to enjoy painting.

We have professional art instructors who will be with the kids to guide them. We encourage the creative spirit of the kids to paint by heart. No matter, what a kid is thinking, we give a platform to unlock his/her inner creativity. We host the amazing children's painting classes in New York for aspiring kids artistically.

We teach fundamental painting skills to the kids of age above 6 years. If, as a parent, you are seeking a trusted platform to allow your kids learn some extra skills, like painting, no need to look further. Our aim is to make your kid versed in the basic level of painting that stimulates your child to think great. It's the right time to enhance the vision of your child!


Creative Kid Summer Program

This summer program was created for kids and teenagers that are aspiring a

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Creative kid every Saturday!

1 pm til 3 pm


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Classes Start in May

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